Innovation thriving fluidized bed technology

As the world forum in the chemical technical and process industry, the ACHEMA is the perfect context to present the fluidized bed process technique of SCHWING Fluid Technik GmbH.

Since over 40 years, SCHWING produces fluidized bed reactors for the thermal chemical transformation of powder particles by means of different reaction and inert gases in atmospheres up to 1100 °C. Typical applications of this branch are oxidizing, reducing, calcination or tempering, gas/gas or gas/solid reactions as well as coating and mixing processes.

Customers and everybody interested have during the ACHEMA 2015 the opportunity to discuss the numerous and innovative application possibilities, for instance resulting by the surface modification of nano scaled particles and the use of different reaction gases, directly with experts on this processes and development engineers from SCHWING.

Being one of the world leaders in the construction of fluidized bed systems, SCHWING offers not only the realization of viability studies (fluidification tests, pilot trials in different DIP and scale up reactors), but also the production on pilot scale as well as the supply of complete installations for a continued or discontinued production. SCHWING’s vast expertise in high temperature technologies offers customers on the entire world decisive know-how and by that, a lasting advantage against competitors.