Technical basics

The functioning principle of the fluidized bed heat treatment systems from SCHWING is based on the patented SCHWING fluidized bed technology, where fine-grain aluminum oxide is fluidized with air or inert gas in a process chamber. The fluidized bed thus generated conducts heat extremely well and because of its mass possesses an enormous heat capacity.

SCHWING heat treatment plants are heated indirectly via electric heaters or gas burners and can be used over a large temperature range from room temperature to 1050 °C with top precision. Metal tools or components can be easily immersed in the fluidized bed, and in the shortest amount of time they can be

  • preheated,
  • annealed,
  • nitrided,
  • nitrocarburated,
  • tempered or
  • quenched with the desired atmosphere and temperature.

Interruptions, change-overs or changes of the treatment process and the atmosphere, for example, from thermo-chemical to inert, are possible at any time and within only two to three minutes.

The great temperature accuracy of the heat treatment systems from SCHWING ensures the non-warping treatment of the batches introduced. The quick and uniform heating of the system makes stand-by heating obsolete. The facilities operate completely without waste and upon request they are equipped with a flare unit.

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