Systems and solutions

The HT model series for component lengths up to 2.50 m

The fluidized bed systems of the HT model series from SCHWING offer chamber sizes with a diameter up to 900 mm and a depth of 1500 mm. They are therefore especially suitable for large and oversized parts. Special versions permit heat treatment of components up to a length of 2500 mm.

The systems of the HT model series heat above room temperature quickly up to max. 680 °C (model HT 680) or 1,050 °C (model HT 1050) with a uniformity of +/- 3 °C. Equipped with special air cooling, the model HTQ 680 can also be used as a cooling bath. SCHWING has a solution for any application.

The Z model series: Flexible systems for all applications

The heat treatment of steel and non-ferrous metals requires facilities ensuring high temperature uniformity over the entire working range. The environmentally friendly fluidized bed systems of the Z series are superbly suited for this requirement. They offer chamber sizes from a diameter of 500 to 600 mm and a depth of 900 to 1200 mm, heat quickly above room temperature up to 1050 °C and ensure high bath consistency with minimal deviations of +/- 3 °C.

The retort as well as all required measuring and control devices are accommodated by a single compact housing. The retort closes at the bottom with a diffusion plate through which finely distributed compressed air is fed through the bath filling while fluidizing it. It is equipped with a dual jacket through which the fluidization air is routed and heated. The temperature measurement device is located in the lower area of the retort. The heating unit in the form of a module heater is located outside the retort. The temperature can be conveniently controlled via an electronic controller with NiCrNi thermocouples with analog or digital setting.

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