After-sales Services

Education and training

A heat treatment plant is a process-technology system with numerous plant-specific and process parameters the compliance of which is essential for the intended use. At SCHWING the training of the operating personnel begins with free testing offered in the early phase of a project. These tests are preferably performed in the presence of the future customer; different systems are presented to them and individual solutions proposed.

Training is continued after the installation of the ordered system. The targeted training of the operating personnel is very important, in addition to basic technical orientation. Apart from handling the “hardware” and the required environmental protection and safety aspects the operators also learn, for example, about the relationship between partial quantities, fluidized bed and fluidization gases enabling them to assess these elements.

Worldwide commissioning of plants, spare parts service

SCHWING supports its customers worldwide with the setup planning and commissioning of the delivered plants. Principal aspects such as energy supply, environmental stipulations and other installation requirements are comprehensively taken into account at an early stage.

In the framework of the global SCHWING SERVICES SCHWING guarantees its customers the fastest possible supply of spare parts and the global availability of highly qualified service technicians for maintenance and repair work.

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