Green Cleaning Solutions from Schwing Technologies

Thermal cleaning specialist supplies eco-friendly systems for the South American market

Virgilio Perez Guembe has just come back from South America. His itinerary took him to Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico. In places where other people spend their vacation, the thermal cleaning expert from SCHWING Technologies had to attend consultations and meetings with customers. Just like Colombia's tourist office which welcomes visitors at the airport with the image of a green natural paradise, the South American plastics industry also focuses on environmental issues and reducing emissions. Green solutions are becoming more and more important in many production processes and applications in the plastics processing industry. This applies to extrusion production and injection molding as well as the recycling industry. German equipment manufacturer SCHWING offers environmentally friendly and energy efficient cleaning systems for these and other manufacturing sectors. Guaranteed not to contain any added chemical substances or the use of TEG (triethylene glycol).

"Our intelligent systems remove all polymers from tools and machine parts of any type and size," explains Perez Guembe, cleaning expert from SCHWING, "they are extremely reliable and thorough." At its production site in Mexico, the world's largest toy manufacturer was suitably impressed, to name but one example. The Danish toy giant has been using the German fluidized bed system to clean its injection molding tools all over the world for many years. At the production site in Cienega de Flores, near Monterrey, an INNOVACLEAN system from SCHWING ensures that machine parts are thoroughly cleaned. This saves time and money and improves the quality of toy brick production in Mexico. Due to the sharp increase in the number of production lines, the company is already thinking about a second system.

"However, other companies are completely unaware of these professional thermal cleaning solutions," as Perez Guembe was able to observe during his trip. Cleaning is often still done manually over there. Even hot runners. The cleaning expert has made it his mission to promote the attractive economical and eco-friendly alternatives available.

Thanks to its green cleaning solutions, the German system manufacturer has become a highly successful international specialist for polymer removal. Made in Germany - since 1969. The expert offers intelligent, reliable systems for all industries, i.e. food packaging, medical technology and automotive manufacturing.
SCHWING customers profit from fast and reliable cleaning of tools and components, which can be used more than once and lead to longer cleaning intervals. Thanks to excellent cleaning results, our customers are able to produce more better quality products for the same cost," says Perez Guembe. Quality plays an important role. Tools and machine parts must always be completely and thoroughly cleaned, so that carbon residues to which new polymers could otherwise adhere, are completely removed. "There are no tolerances allowed. Poor quality means delays in the process chain and possible future complaints. This must not happen and we will remedy this situation," confirms the expert.

The German system manufacturer provides the plastics manufacturing industry with three different green cleaning solutions. They all have one thing in common, they remove all polymers in a reliable and environmentally-friendly way without any residue. Quickly and without waste.
Extrusion machine parts, for example, are easily cleaned with the gentle VACUCLEAN vacuum pyrolysis system. At the end of the cleaning process, pelletizing nozzles and heads, filter bundles and discs, film extrusion dies, extruder screws and spinnerets, meltblown or spundbond dies almost look as new.
INNOVACLEAN is the name of the fluidized bed system, aimed primarily at the injection molding industry. This technology is ideally suited for all polymers, including high temperature polymers such as LCP, PEI, PPS, PI and even PVC and halogenated polymers such as PTFE. The system is especially recommended for cleaning die plates, screw elements, special profile die, hot runner distributors, spinnerets and assembled spin packs.

Large tools and components, such as heat exchangers, extruder screws, large extruder tools, pelletizing dies or large hot runner tools can be thoroughly cleaned in the gas-heated MAXICLEAN pyrolysis oven. SCHWING also offers complete cleaning services: from dismantling to thermal cleaning to after-treatment and inspection.
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Schwing Technologies has been operating since 1969 and is the worldwide technological leader for high-temperature systems for thermal cleaning, thermo-chemical finishing and heat treatment of metal parts and tools. The owner-managed company constructs, manufactures and operates its systems at its headquarters in Neukirchen-Vluyn in Germany's Lower Rhine region. Built upon the achievements of German engineering, the medium-sized business is globally the best-known specialist in the removal of plastics. Among its around 2,500 international clients are companies from the plastics and fiber industries, as well as from the chemicals, metals and automobile sectors. With its 80-strong personnel, the company is equipped with the tools and systems for any cleaning need and delivers the best economy, ecology and quality. Schwing is also a reliable service partner for contract cleaning by cleaning more than 100,000 tools and parts each year to the highest environmental and qualitative standards. In the words of Ewald and Thomas Schwing, the two managing directors at Schwing Technologies GmbH, "So far, there has not been a single component that we have not been able to free from polymers and inorganic contaminants."