Fluidized Bed Heat Treatment

SCHWING has over 40 years of experience in the engineering, manufacturing and operation of heat treatment plants based on fluidized bed technology. With this especially energy-efficient, safe as well as time, personnel and space-saving heat treatment process the metal component is immersed in a retort, which is filled with air or inert gas-fluidized aluminum oxide powder.

The benefits of this process are its superb heat transfer capabilities and temperature uniformity, the quick to execute atmosphere exchanges and, especially, the extremely short process times. Partial heat treatment as well as quick heating for subsequent hot-shaping can be realized without problems. In addition, systems are also available as a quenching bath for gentle and defined quenching.

SCHWING offers compact, safe and energy-efficient fluidized bed systems for innovative, flexible heat treatment processes with temperatures from 200 to 1050 °C and chamber volumes up to 40 m3. The safety and environmental protection of the systems and the quality of the products treated represent the outstanding features of this technology.

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